"The Riversitter" (after Dave Eggers)

September 26, 2023

New music out now: ​"The Riversitter"​ - a response song to a brief, beautiful book called The Museum of Rain by Dave Eggers, written for the SongWriter podcast series​. In each episode, creator and host Ben Arthur pairs storytellers with musicians, featuring both a story and the response song it inspired.

Proceeds from downloads will be donated to ​826 Valencia​, a youth writing center co-founded by Dave Eggers.

Listen to the SongWriter episode​ with Dave Eggers and Vienna Teng.

​Read The Museum of Rain (available in print, e-book, and audiobook read by Jeff Daniels).

Music & lyrics by Vienna Teng, based on words by Dave Eggers

Vienna Teng - vocals, keyboards, guitar, percussion
Ben Arthur - vocals
Alex Wong - mixing
Greg Calbi & Steve Fallone - mastering
Jacob Corvidae - artwork

For Patreon subscribers, not only did you get ​early access​, but we're going to have a little extra making-of bonus for you soon. Stay tuned.

Track art graphic by Jacob Corvidae.