Celebrating Aims @ 10

December 1, 2023

Aims was released 10 years ago in September! To celebrate, I created a couple of fan experiences that are still available to enjoy.

I spent my October Live@Home Patreon livestream playing different arrangements of each song from Aims live. That archive is available to paid Patrons to watch anytime.

Also on Patreon, individual stems of every track from Aims are available to enjoy. Each song is broken out so you can hear their component parts, accompanied by me musing about the recording process.

I hope you have fun poking around and listening - I know I did while making the commentary bits. It's been good fodder for my current home-studio mucking about, too.

"Level Up" and "In The 99" can be accessed for free.
The rest of Aims can be explored at your leisure through a subscription on Patreon.
If you'd like to buy the stems for "Close To Home" or "Never Look Away," they're available on Bandcamp.
And this is brand new: stems for "Level Up" can be downloaded for free though the splitter.fm player.

Your continued support this year for my return to music is deeply appreciated. Thank you!