Kickstarter for Fantastic Fungi: REIMAGINE

June 30, 2020

Happy to announce Vienna's involvement with REIMAGINE, a double album inspired by the Fantastic Fungi documentary. You can back the album on Kickstarter!

Fantastic Fungi: REIMAGINE celebrates the integral part music plays in every movement, and features diverse artists inspired by the film and mycelial kingdom. The two albums include original songs, new remixes, and some of our favorite tracks from some of our favorite artists, designed to inspire us to connect and commit to the shift to build a more conscious world.

To learn more about the album, watch the launch event with Amber Rubarth!

And to watch the movie, you can view it now on Vimeo.

Louie Schwartzberg’s deeply moving and visually stunning documentary, Fantastic Fungi, has resonated with audiences worldwide from Paul Stamets’ profound work in mycology, to Michael Pollan, Suzanne Simard, Eugenia Bone, and other iconic experts meeting today’s challenges.